Nursing homes continue to be hotbeds for COVID-19

(photo: Bob McCormick)

GOSHEN – There are 17 nursing homes in Orange County and the number with COVID-19 cases and fatalities, as a result, remains high, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said Thursday.

Many have positive or potentially positive cases, he said.

“Out of 17 nursing homes, six have at least one resident that is positive. There is an additional four nursing homes that have potentially people testing positive, so if those potentials become positives, that means 10 out of 17 have cases in them. That is why it is critical to have them vaccinated,” he said. “Eleven out of 17 nursing homes have at least one employee that is positive.”

Right now, Neuhaus said out of 1,605 residents in nursing homes, 28 percent have received their first vaccinations with more serum on the way.

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