Kingston mayor adds his voice to condemn ‘appalling’ Washington riots

Mayor Steven Noble holds up a copy of his 2021 Kington City budget.

KINGSTON- Mayor Steven Noble of Kingston said Thursday that he is “appalled and dismayed” over the rioting at the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday. The breach on the building while Congress was certifying Joe Biden as the next president, was spurred on by President Trump’s call for the thousands gathered to march on the Capitol.

Noble said hate speech must stop.

“This is what happens when you allow hate to fill the airwaves, when you have a president who preaches hate on a daily basis and you end up with people acting lawlessly and treating our country and the people that live here in a way that no human being should treat another human being,” he said.

While Noble said the incoming Biden administration should have a calming effect on the nation, we still have more work to be done.

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