Molinaro sends 171 reapportionment candidates to county legislature for consideration

POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County is going to create an independent reapportionment committee to make recommendations on how to equally divide the county legislature’s districts.

The commission will include seven members and County Executive Marcus Molinaro has advanced a list of 171 potential candidates for consideration.

“Finding a broad and diverse pool of qualified candidates for consideration for the Dutchess County Independent Reapportionment Commission has been our goal since signing the new law in September 2019 and have overwhelmingly succeeded in attracting more than 170 applicants,” he said.

The county legislature must make its initial appointments to the commission by no later than February 1. Two members are to be appointed by the legislature’s majority leader, with two more appointed by the minority leader.

Those four will then select three members no later than February 15.

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