Michelle Hinchey gets to work as new state senator

Photo provided.

ALBANY – Michelle Hinchey, the new senator from New York’s 46th District, is ready to carry the environmental mantle of her late father, former Assemblyman and Congressman Maurice Hinchey.

The Democratic Hinchey has been appointed chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. She sees agriculture as “a strong pillar for New York’s economic recovery and essential to the preservation of our natural resources.”

Governor Cuomo has now renewed his call for the legalization of recreational marijuana, something Hinchey supports as an economic and revenue generator.

As for herself, Hinchey said she doesn’t use it at present.

“I don’t now, but I am from Woodstock and I know a lot of people who do,” she said. When asked if she would use marijuana if and when it becomes legalized, she said, “we will see. I don’t know.”

Hinchey’s senate district includes Greene and Montgomery counties and parts of Ulster, Albany, and Schenectady counties.

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