Inmate attacks, throws bleach on Green Haven officers, assaults another

STORMVILLE – A 27-year-old inmate serving a 25-year sentence for attempted murder at Green Haven Correctional Facility threw bleach on several officers and attacked another officer while being escorted to a Special Housing Unit at the maximum-security prison in Stormville.

The incident occurred on Friday, December 25, 2020 and was reported on Tuesday by the union representing corrections officers – the New York State Corrections Officers PBA.

An officer was conducting an inmate count on a cell block when he was doused with bleach in the back of the head and neck.  Additional staff arrived at the inmate’s cell and he was ordered out of his cell.  He refused and threw bleach from a Styrofoam cup on another officer.  He refused additional orders to exit his cell and continued to throw bleach at staff through the cell bars.  Pepper spray was administered to the inmate and he initially became compliant.

Officers applied handcuffs to the inmate and he was removed from the cell.

During the escort to a Special Housing Unit the inmate began to kick and spit at staff.  Still combative, the inmate punched an officer in the neck when he attempted to frisk him.  He continued to fight with staff for several more minutes until they applied body holds and placed him in his cell without further incident.

The inmate is serving time after being convicted in Monroe County for attempted murder, assault, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.

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