Delgado urges vaccinations for everyone


WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Antonio Delgado (D, NY-19) addressed constituents virtually Monday evening, following the start of his second term, to promote confidence regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and public safety measures.

During his brief State of the District address, Delgado said continued vigilance with regards to prevention, vaccination and funding are his immediate priorities upon returning to office. 

He maintained the vaccine, the final dose of which he will receive on January 8, is safe and it is important for people, specifically elected representatives, to support its use. Additionally, as the vaccine rollout is happening slower than expected, he added he will be working to ensure federal funding to mitigate rollout issues.

“When I look someone in the eye and I urge them to get vaccinated, I want them to know I have done it myself. We have seen the impact of inconsistent leadership on important measures like mask wearing. I believe it is critical to clear up any confusion there may be around the safety and efficacy of this vaccine,” said Delgado. “I will continue to put my faith in this treatment while also ensuring that New York State and the local governments therein, from counties to hamlets, have all the federal support needed to continue to roll out the vaccine now,” he said.

Although COVID requires immediate attention, Delgado said he will continue work to improve the district’s infrastructure, housing, agriculture, and small business support, that those are still among the district’s priorities and they are not being forgotten during the pandemic.

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