DA holds PBA Summit


GOSHEN – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler’s office met with representatives of Orange County’s Police Benevolent Associations (PBAs), at the fifth Orange County District Attorney’s PBA Summit.

The summit took place on Thursday, December 3 at the Orange County Emergency Services Center in Goshen and included presidents and other representatives of several of the County’s PBAs.

The DA’s staff listened to and addressed the concerns of rank-and-file police officers throughout the county.

“These are trying times for law enforcement, and no one knows that more than the officer on the street. Officers, sworn to do their duty to protect all of us, are coming under increasing and unfair scrutiny that ignores the vast amount of important work that police officers do for us, and instead focuses on a very few instances where the actions of police officers are largely misrepresented or blown out of proportion. We owe our public servants more than that,” he said. “Through this and the previous four PBA Summits, I have sought out the views of the representatives of our rank-and-file police officers, so that my office can do its best to assist them in fulfilling their duties, wherever appropriate. I hope that this series of summits will continue to keep the lines of communication open between police officers and my staff.”

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