Orange County launches Police Reform Advisory Panel

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Orange County Sheriff's Office.

GOSHEN – Orange County has formed its Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Advisory Panel, established per Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order to review the policies and practices of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The order requires that each local government entity which has a police agency operating with police officers to convene a group of stakeholders from both the government and the community to evaluate policy strategies.

Other important areas that must be addressed include procedure and training, policing functions, standards, and strategies; fostering community-oriented leadership, culture, and accountability; and recruiting and supporting excellent and diverse personnel.

The advisory panel will gather input from the public and the sheriff’s office, and based upon their findings they will put forth recommendations to the County Legislature to adopt a plan, which must be signed by the county executive and sent to the state no later than April 1, 2021.

The advisory panel is tasked with developing a plan to improve the deployments, strategies, policies, procedures, and practices of the Sheriff’s Office, while addressing the particular needs of Orange County. The plan will also focus on promoting community engagement to foster trust, fairness, and legitimacy, and to address any racial bias and disproportionate policing of communities of color.

The panel represents county government, social services agencies, community service leaders, clergy and education leaders, and not for profit agencies.

The members of Orange County’s panel are:

Nadia Allen, Executive Director of Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc
Gary Abramson Orange County Legal Aid Society
Brendan Casey, Orange County Commissioner of Emergency Services
Craig Cherry, Orange County Deputy Commissioner Emergency Services
Julia Doellinger, Community Member
Karen Edelman-Reyes, County Attorney’s office
Inaudy Esposito, Executive Director Orange County Human Rights Commission
Colin Jarvis, Executive Director, Newburgh Ministries
Kenneth Jones, Undersheriff, Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Kellyann Kostyal-Larrier, Executive Director, Fearless
Kevin Hines, Orange County Legislator, Chairman Public Safety Committee
Darcie Miller, Commissioner of Mental Health/Social Services
Christopher Molinelli, Executive Director HONOR
Ray Rodriguez, President, MyFOURmula, Inc.
Stewart Rosenwasser, District Attorney’s office
Dr. Kristine Young, President, SUNY Orange

All panel meetings will be held virtually. The first meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday, December 10.  Detailed information including links to attend meetings, email comments, and to complete a survey can be found at