Newburgh boat launch to close

Riverkeeper file photo

NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh’s Boat Launch on the Hudson River located at the end of Washington Street will be temporarily closed to the public starting on Tuesday, (today) beginning at 7 a.m. to facilitate the launching of a barge for a city construction project. 

Ongoing design work for the future Newburgh Landing Pier requires a floating barge to facilitate the drilling of soil borings and geotechnical investigation work which is being conducted by Atlantic Testing Laboratories (ATL), a sub-contractor for the Newburgh Landing Design Engineer, ATANE Consulting.

The closure of the boat ramp is part of ongoing design work to facilitate the reconstruction of the Newburgh Landing Pier. ATL will be utilizing a crane in conjunction with the city’s boat ramp to set a barge in the Hudson River. 

This will allow access to the areas around the existing Newburgh Landing Dock to conduct subsurface soil investigations of the riverbed to gather information that will be utilized in the design of the future Newburgh Landing.

The city will issue another notification when access to the boat ramp is once again permitted. 

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