New Rochelle reorganizing policing zones


NEW ROCHELLE – The New Rochelle Police Department has reorganized into three beat zones under the Police Department’s new Police and Community Together unit (PACT).

Beat officers interact with school and neighborhood associations, civic groups, youth groups, religious organizations, and the business community.

PACT officers have begun to visit commercial and neighborhood corridors to distribute flyers for each zone, with phone numbers for the beat officers as well as a zone-specific email.

The officers in the zones – north, central, and south – will coordinate coverage and information benefitting residents and businesses.

All beats will be overseen by ACT supervisors Lt. Gary Robinson and Sgt. Kyle Wilson.

“The goal of PACT policing is to foster a strong relationship between the New Rochelle Police Department and the community we serve,” said Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller. “This transition will enable us to give greater focus and more consistent attention to each of the zones and ultimately, to the city overall.”

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