Letter to the Editor: Libraries need support

Dear Editor:

So much has changed dramatically in 2020 – and particularly since the pandemic began – including the needs of our community and its children. Many families are dealing with reduced financial resources and profound changes in the way education is delivered. It’s times like these that I remember the quote from Anne Frank, No one has ever become poor by giving.

As a Vice President and Branch Manager at Tompkins Mahopac Bank, I know a bit about saving and spending, but even more about the riches that come with lifting up our friends and neighbors. That’s why I’m urging those who can to join us in supporting the LaGrange Association Library’s capital campaign.

In its second phase, the initiative will bolster the library’s plans to relocate to a new central location in the Town of LaGrange, providing access to more people and creating a multi-use community center that will bring in families, shoppers, investment, and a sense of connection for the people of LaGrange.

Our contribution was a start but, together, we can do more and contribute to digital equity and lifelong learning by helping the library offer free and low-cost access to educational, cultural, and career resources that are even more vital in today’s world. Like any investment, when we deposit into our community, we can see the dividends grow over time and compound, enriching the next generation of LaGrange residents and the lives they touch.

Julie Stellini
Vice President & Branch Manager, Tompkins Mahopac Bank

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