Legislature budget committee approves Dutchess 2021 budget

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POUGHKEEPSIE – The Dutchess County Legislature’s Budget, Finance and Personnel Committee, Thursday, approved the proposed $502 million budget. By a vote of nine to three, lawmakers adopted the plan which includes funding for law enforcement, parks and COVID-19 relief.

The committee cut $18 million in spending.

If adopted by the full legislature on December 3, it will mark the sixth consecutive year of lowering taxes for the county.

“Every step of the way, the process of creating this budget has involved reaching across the aisle to figure out what would be in the best interest of Dutchess County residents. Like every American family during this difficult year, the county has had to find a way to tighten its belt while still taking care of its responsibilities and I’m proud of the job we’ve done,” said Committee Chairman Will Truitt. “Because of the work done by this legislative body over the past few years, under the leadership of Chairman of the Legislature Gregg Pulver and in partnership with County Executive Marc Molinaro, we may be one of the only counties in the state able to say we’ve managed to cut taxes for the sixth year in a row while still securing funding for essential services during this pandemic. I am proud of the budget we’ve created and am confident it will pass with flying colors in the legislature in December,” Truitt said.