Cuomo says Trump should accept election results


ALBANY – Ballot counting continues as Joe Biden is in the lead over Donald Trump in the race for the White House.

It is no secret that Governor Cuomo has been a constant critic of Trump on several fronts, most notably the way he has handled the coronavirus.

On Friday, the governor said enough votes have been counted for Biden to have won.

“I have been up for three days watching these election returns. It’s got to be over now. It’s over. Move on. That’s all. Take a nap, 12 hours sleep, they we get up and we go to sleep,” he said.

Cuomo said Trump had been saying for months that if he loses, it would be a because the system is corrupt. That is why there was a rush to get Judge Barrett appointed to the Supreme Court since they may take the election results could wind up in the Supreme Court, the governor said.

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