COVID-19 spike in Port Jervis leads to limited state of emergency

Port Jervis City Hall

PORT JERVIS – Mayor Kelly Decker has issued an executive order making access to Port Jervis city government buildings by ‘appointment only’ after 15 people tested positive for the coronavirus.

The mayor said there was a large gathering of some sort last week and that is apparently where the virus started to spread.

As a result of the spike, Decker has issued the executive order for one month.

“We are basically where we were at, say, in May of last year, just mostly precautionary as we were reopening. This year isn’t a complete closedown; it’s just enough to make sure that we can maintain that safety for our employees who will still be at work and the public who needs to make the access to our buildings,” he said.

The mayor also shut down the city’s dial-a-bus as another precautionary measure.

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