How to Get More Instagram Followers (2021 Guide)


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Following these tips, you will see results in no time at all. When you have plenty of followers with an interest in what you share it will encourage sales. People are more likely to buy a given brand when they are familiar with it.

Connecting with your niche audience is important. Your competitors can have the edge if they are engaging through Instagram but you aren’t. They may not have a better product or service to offer, but they can connect with the same audience you are competing for. Do your part to gain followers and get results!

Knowing your audience and what they are after helps you create the right strategy for your Instagram. It isn’t enough just to have an account, you need to use it as a way to reach them and communicate with them. You can share information but you can also use this outlet to listen to their concerns or comments. 

As your niche market shifts due to trends, the economy, competitors, and other factors you have to be ready for it. Your interactions with followers can help you forecast what is ahead and be prepared for it. Such information can help you assist them so nothing falls through the cracks. When you become the go-to resource for them, they aren’t looking at what your competitors offer. 

Who is your Audience?

Who is your niche audience? The more you know about them the easier it is to create a great strategy to generate Instagram followers. You can’t appeal to everyone, narrow it down. What are the demographics of those interested in what you promote? Once you have that information you can use it to help you appeal to their emotions.

Focus on the details of your audience. This includes identifying their age and where they work. What does a typical household in that segment look like? What is their income range? Dig deeper to find out how they use Instagram. It is encouraging to discover your market group is relying on Instagram to find goods or services available.

Is there some type of unmet need your audience has? How can you promote your products or services to fulfill them? Know your audience and what they have to offer. Know the challenges they face and identify how you can help them.

Create your Instagram Strategy

Your strategy should help you accomplish three things:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase sales
  • Promote awareness about your brand

Your Instagram profile shouldn’t be a sales pitch, it should give information. It can share details about new products. It can offer tips about how a given product can save time or money. The information shared can help your business be seen as an expert on the topics by your niche market. It can help them see you care about them and their needs, not just making money. 

All of this builds the relationship and encourages them to visit your website homepage, learn about your brand, and make a purchase. After the first initial purchase, the goal is to keep them as customers. They can come back for future orders and they can recommend your business to others they know. 

Create a Foundation for your Brand

Customers are often loyal to a brand, but first, they need to trust you. They have to get on board for the initial purchase. Create a foundation for your brand by sharing your story. How did you come to create the business? What are you passionate about and how are you trying to make the world a better place for others? What types of challenges have been in the way and overcome? Answer these sorts of questions to attract your target audience. 

The information needs to be honest and inspiring. It shows you as a person they can connect with. It allows them to see what has gone on behind the scenes to get you to the point you are at now. Instagram can be a wonderful platform to share this type of information with your niche audience. Once you know your foundation, you can use it to boost brand awareness. 


The rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) apply even with your Instagram account. Don’t overlook this very important detail. Discover the keywords and phrases your niche audience will likely use in searches. Incorporate them into your information shared on Instagram. The use of such keywords and phrases needs to flow well.

Don’t stuff them all over the place just to get them out there. Instead, find ways to use them the reader can benefit from. Use variations of them too, rather than the same ones over and over again. Keyword mining allows you to find those that are used less frequently, but still important to your niche audience.

Why is SEO so important for Instagram to work? It allows them to find you, which can boost your follower count! Try to put something in your Instagram user name that reflects who you are and what you offer. You may have to change what you have in use right now to make this work. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, go this route from the start.

Use Hashtags

The use of hashtags is more than a passing trend. It allows people to find information. Any hashtags you use on Instagram are searchable, and that allows people with an interest in what you offer to find you easily. When you add a specific hashtag and someone shares your information, others can click on that to find you. They may start to follow you after they see your information from someone they already connect with.

When you use hashtags to gain Instagram followers, do so respectfully. You can put up to 30 of them in a single Instagram post! Readers aren’t going to be pleased with that. The quality of the hashtags and what they represent matters more than the number of them you use. Make sure they are specific to what you are talking about, your business, or a specific product. This will help you gain followers that stick around.

Professional Profile

Any time you use Instagram to promote your business, it should be from a professional point of view. Remember Instagram marketing, and social media marketing in general is real marketing. Don’t use your personal account or your personal information. Complete the Instagram page with an image. This can be of the business location, a product, or even a logo to help with branding.

Since most people visiting a business profile on Instagram aren’t following you, this is a way to encourage them to do so. A good first impression shows your business is legitimate and one they can rely upon. As they read your Instagram bio and see your profile, it can encourage new audiences to follow the business.

Too often, a business account isn’t professional or it isn’t complete. It has to captivate them and draw them in. Make sure your profile also includes a link to your website. The goal is for them to follow you on Instagram. If they also click on that link and immediately visit your website, it is an additional bonus!

To seem more professional, consider consulting a marketer or partnering with a trusted Instagram influencer. Partnering with an influencer tells Instagram users that there is a face behind the brand. Just make sure the influencer matches your brand for top-notch influencer marketing strategies. 

The clickable link makes it easy for the visitor to do that. Remember, potential new followers, want online access in a hurry. They love the convenience so do your part to give it to them. If they have to open a browser and hunt for your website, they are less likely to do it right then. A clickable link encourages them to do it on the spot!

Add Quality Content Often

Don’t put your Instagram account on the back burner and expect it to generate followers for you. Add quality content regularly. Don’t bombard the Instagram feed with Instagram content all day long! The quality of information is more important than how often you add to it. Get into a habit of adding new content on a regular basis. You might even want to use a posting schedule. 

This keeps your engagement rate up and the Follow button, hot. It also increases the chances of them sharing it for others to see and follow. Add at least one hashtag when you add content to help you boost followers with that method too. The information you share on Instagram needs to grab readers and engage them. If they already follow you, the goal is to keep them engaged. Use templates from top posts or reposts when you start running out of ideas. 

For others reading your information for the first time, the content needs to encourage them to follow you. Your content should never be just a sales ad! It should share with them how your product or service can solve a problem for them. When consumers can rely on something to help them save time or money, it gets their attention!

The type of content you post should give opportunities for them to comment on it. If they ask questions, respond with answers timely. This helps to boost your Instagram ranking in the algorithms. It also helps your reputation. Make sure your Instagram captions get attention and are high-quality. Here are some pointers to help you with your content:

  • Add Instagram photos, emojis, or stickers
  • Add Instagram stories
  • Use Instagram Live Video
  • Use relevant hashtags 
  • Ask a question 
  • Host Instagram contests with UGC (user-generated content)
  • Important words go first
  • Test different captions to see what the audience responds to
  • Use memes when appropriate 
  • Keep up with what’s trending 

Put Comments in the Spotlight

Instagram followers love to know they are seen and heard! All consumers do, they don’t want to be just another face and just another dollar in your pocket. Use the feature to pin top comments and put them in the spotlight. Look for those comments others have engaged with. This will ensure more people are going to take a look at them now that they are featured. Not only will current followers love it, but it will show potential followers they matter. 

Some questions you pose or comments others put out there can generate a great deal of discussion. This information can help you make decisions for the business or even encourage you to introduce a new product or service. Consumers love to be heard, and the feedback they share is extremely valuable to your business operations.

Get Found through Other Resources

The Instagram app is just one of many social networks you can use to promote your business. Reaching your niche audience, engaging with them, and getting them to visit your website helps you get noticed. Make sure your Instagram account is advertised on your website and your other social media accounts. This makes it possible for them to find you.

Everyone has a preference for the social media platform they use the most. For some it is Instagram and for others it is Facebook. There are quite a few consumers out there with multiple social media accounts. They check each of them several times per day. Getting your information out there allows you to be visual to your niche audience. If they see you in multiple spots, it gives them even more opportunities to connect with you!

Consider embedding certain posts from Instagram to your blog or Facebook page. This gives you a grand opportunity to showcase certain information and continue to drive traffic to your website. Be careful though as you can’t just duplicate content on all of your platforms. Doing so will get it indexed by the search engine bots as duplicate content. 


When you incorporate these tips, you will gain more followers on Instagram. Avoid gimmicks that will get you some followers for the short term, but cause them to hit the unfollow button shortly after. Also, only attract real followers and real people, not bots. You need to target your niche audience and share with them why they can count on you to help them fulfill a want or need. Your information needs to be easy to find and your business needs to be credible. Sometimes, it’s not such a bad idea to use vendors like Likezoid and Buzzoid to buy Instagram likes or followers but do so with caution and moderation.

There are many great ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram for free. They all work together. Diversifying your efforts and getting each of these in motion will help you reach your goals. You will generate more traffic, increase sales, and curate awareness for your brand. Being a leader in your niche helps your business grow so it can be around for a very long time. Watch and improve your follower growth by using Instagram ads, Instagram analytics tools, and more. 

As you incorporate these tips, you will get attention. Your professional appearance will encourage those that see your Instagram account to follow you. It will also encourage them to visit your website. The longer they stay on the website, the more likely it is they will place an order. All of this plays a role in them becoming a loyal, long-term customer!

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