Bar associations rate Supreme Court candidates

MID-HUDSON – The Judiciary and Screening Committee of the Rockland County Bar Association has interviewed candidates for the State Supreme Court in the Ninth Judicial District and rated them as follows:

Hon. Richard Guertin – Qualified

Hon. David Hasin – Qualified

Ms. Alexandra Murphy – Qualified

Mr. Robert Ondrovic – Highly Qualified

Mr. Mark Starkman – Qualified

Hon. Sam Walker – Highly Qualified

Hon. E. Loren Williams – Highly Qualified

The Judicial Screening Committee of the Women’s Bar Association of Orange and Sullivan Counties has rated candidates as follows:

Hon. Richard Guertin – Approved

Hon. David Hasin – Approved

Robert Ondrovic, Esq. – Approved

Alexandra Murphy, Esq., – Approved and Commended

Mark Starkman, Esq. – Approved

Hon. Sam Walker – Approved as Highly Qualified and Commended

Hon. E. Loren Williams – Approved

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