Sing Sing corrections officer arrested for falsifying workers’ comp documents

WHITE PLAINS – A Sing Sing Correctional Facility corrections officer was arrested for allegedly submitting fake medical documentation over a 16-month period to obtain more than 100 days in Workers’ Compensation leave and at least $16,000 in wages.

Darquis Wright, 39, of Staten Island was arraigned in Ossining Town Court on Tuesday on nine counts of offering a false instrument for filing as felonies.

Wright claimed several separate injuries while on the job between March 2018 and September 2019 and submitted applications for Workers’ Compensation leave benefits.

Wright submitted documentation falsely stating, based on medical examinations allegedly performed by physicians, that Wright was unable to work. That enabled him to obtain Workers’ Comp and collect wage benefits for several periods.

As it turned out, the exams were never performed. Both the orthopedic surgeon and the physician later confirmed to the State Inspector General that the documentation was fraudulent.

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