Poughkeepsie man arrested in murder of Marine vet

POUGHKEEPSIE – A 21-year-old Poughkeepsie man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of 55-year-old Marine veteran Anthony Gray of Poughkeepsie.

Detective Lieutenant Matt Clark said they arrested Anthony Jackson Jr. of Poughkeepsie.

Jackson has been charged with felony murder for the stabbing death of Gray.  The incident occurred Friday night around 9:25 p.m. near Liberty Station, the veterans’ shelter where Gray lived.  The stabbing occurred on the sidewalk of North Clinton Street.

The murder is part of an uptick in violence in the city that has upset Mayor Rob Rolison.  “This is going on throughout the Mid-Hudson region, it’s going on throughout the state. It is very troublesome because our officers who are out there protecting all of us are in the middle of us. The community is in the middle of it, and the other part of it is the reluctance of individuals to come forward, not only with information relating to these acts of violence, but they don’t want to get involved in the legal system, which helps bring people to justice,” said Rolison.

Anyone who may have witnessed this homicide, or has information on this homicide is asked to call the City of Poughkeepsie Police at 845-451-7577.

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