Respect for Previous Generations


In the past, people used to enjoy every detail of their simple life. People used to gather in one place and talk with each other without any distraction. Kids used to play with rocks and ride on swings. Kids’ voices in the background were an original source of joy for everybody. It was a time where things had a meaning and value

Things quickly changed in a matter of years. The use of the Internet spread and computers were everywhere. The number of T.V. channels increased and smartphones became seen in every hand you can notice. Anything you can remember has been turned into a business. Nobody stops to enjoy the sunset anymore.

In a time where people will never look twice at anything that doesn’t have a screen, there are still original people or old souls who notice that this is just too much distraction. People who appreciate the smell of an old book. People who lived in a time when guys were gentlemen and girls were ladies. To whom only things that have deep meanings mattered. This is the kind of people who will understand what I’m trying to say and to them; I lower my head and raise my hat.

Here we are in this new world where kids don’t enjoy a classic story or a magic trick, where no one respects or appreciates an honest fellow.

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