Legislation signed into law to reduce confusion at polling sites


ALBANY – Legislation aimed at reducing confusion at polling sites has been signed into law.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D, Newburgh), the new law prohibits, while polling locations are open, any change to the entrance or exit to the site, except to increase access or to maintain public safety provided any change is clearly marked with signage next to the former entrance or exit.

The measure was sponsored in the Senate by Shelley Mayer (D, Yonkers).

The new requirements apply to Election Day, Primary Day and days of early voting.

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson

“During the past two years, we have passed major voting reforms including instituting early voting, making it easier to register to vote, change your party registration and to vote by absentee ballot,” said Jacobson.

“Requiring signs for these changes helps reduce the likelihood that voters will be confused about how to access polling sites,” he said. “Voting should be simple and easy for every citizen, whether voting in person or may mail. This new law to reduce confusion at polling sites is another step in that goal.”

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