One hundred new positive COVID-19 cases in Orange County

GOSHEN – A total of 100 new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in Orange County on Thursday alone, the highest one-day number since April.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said 47 of them were residents of the Town of Palm Tree.

He is concerned about residents of the Hasidic town potentially spreading the virus across the county.

“Instead of cooperating and working with everybody in quarantining and trying to keep your distance, they are now infiltrating every park, every public place, which is a place where people can gather, but it has created chaos, it has created panic. It is very frustrating to the 95 percent of the population that has been cooperating throughout this whole pandemic,” Neuhaus said.

Governor Cuomo wants local police agencies across the state to enforce coronavirus protocols including mask wearing and social distancing.

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