Metro-North risks 50 percent cuts without federal aid, says chief

MNR train in Beacon. MHNN file photo.

BRONXVILLE – Metro-North Railroad President Cathy Rinaldi warned without the $12 billion the agency needs from the federal government because of the effects of COVID-19, it could be forced to cut services in half.

That, she said Wednesday, would mean deep cuts in service and staff.

“Cuts that would be necessary if we do not get the funding will have long lasting impacts on our customers and our community,” she said. “Our customers are part of keeping this economy going, the MTA is part of keeping this economy going. Potential cuts to the MTA could cost the region more than 350,000 jobs and nearly $100 billion in economic activity next year.”

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic this past spring when the economy was shut down, Metro-North lost well over 90 percent of its passengers as only essential workers reported to their jobs.

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