Letter to the Editor: Vote to save the Independence Party

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Dear Editor:

With less than a month to go until the Presidential election, I want to remind people of an issue that is not on the ballot but affects the democratic process in Orange County and all of New York State. It is the life of our “third-party system” in New York. Last year New York State by committee set minimum votes a third-party must get this November to remain on the ballot for future elections. This clearly benefits the major political parties at the expense of all political parties and people unaffiliated with any party. 

The Independence Party of New York, one of a few “third-parties”, with over a half-million members in New York State and 11 thousand in Orange County has helped many candidates enjoy their social responsibility by being elected to public office. Town Council members, Highway Superintendents, and Supervisors in Orange County have benefited from our support. However, the new rules established by the Governor, the Senate and the Assembly require the Independence Party to collect over 150,000 votes on our ballot line for President of the United States just to stay on the ballot for future elections. This means if they miss that number members of the Independence Party in New York will be disenfranchised and hindered from voting for the candidate of their choice on their ballot line in future elections. That is unfair and just wrong.

If you are like many in Orange County who are struggling to support either presidential candidate of the two major parties and want an alternative, we have it for you. Cast your vote for President of the United States on the Independence Party line. Our candidate Brock Pierce, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, offers a refreshing perspective to the political landscape we see today. According to a Wall Street Journal article, “Brock Piece knows he won’t be elected president this year”. However, he does offer New Yorkers an opportunity to send a loud message that you want to stop political divisiveness. It will announce that it’s time for all political parties in New York and Washington to stop fighting for ideological self-interests and work for the betterment of the country.

Please, join us. Vote for President on the Independence Line and help us send a message and save the third-party system in New York.

Thank you

Michael Amo
Vice-Chairman of the Independence Party of New York
Leader of the Independence Party of Orange County Legislature

The opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News,