Letter to the Editor: Metzger is accessible


Dear Editor:

I first met Senator Jen Metzger about ten years ago. Jen stood out as a warm, dedicated parent who, as busy as she was, knew it was critically important to set regular time aside to be with her kids and neighbors.

Over time, I came to know of her extensive involvement in local government, her passion for access to high-quality education, her extensive work for environmental protection, and her commitment to economic development in our community. Jen’s concern about balancing funding for public education while keeping property taxes affordable is a pillar of her work in Albany.

As the Director of Citizens for Local Power and a member of the New York State Clean Energy Advisory Council, she fought for environmental protection and promotion of green jobs. She has worked tirelessly to protect our water and the air quality of our beautiful Hudson Valley ecosystems on the local Environmental Commission and the Climate Task Force.

Jen’s commitment to quality of life for families and small businesses has driven her to fight for property tax relief and strategic revitalization of our small and rural towns.

The one thing that stands out most when I think of Senator Metzger is her accessibility. She is everywhere in the small towns where her constituents live, work, and play – listening and striving to bring our concerns back to Albany. Jen represents us all.

Dr. Susanrachel B. Condon LM DM
New Paltz NY 12561

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