Governor addresses COVID hotspots in Rockland and Orange

Governor Cuomo

ALBANY – Hotspots of COVID-19 have been identified in the Orthodox Jewish communities in the Spring Valley/Monsey area of Rockland and the Monroe/Palm Tree/Kiryas Joel area of Orange County and Governor Cuomo plans to meet with religious leaders and local public officials virtually to put a lid on the situation.

The governor will also meet with Orthodox religious leaders in Brooklyn.

“Íf you look at those clusters and you look at those Zip Codes, you will see there is a large overlap of with large Orthodox Jewish communities. And that is a fact,” the governor said.

Many religious gatherings in those communities have been observed with people not following health protocols of social distancing and wearing masks.

“Public health comes first,” he said. “Compliance and enforcement are key.” And he noted that wearing a mask is state law. “Local officials must enforce the law,” Cuomo said.

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