Columbia County police chief suspended

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CHATHAM – Chatham Police Chief Peter Volkmann was suspended by the village board for 30 days on September 18, according to Mayor John Howe.

Volkmann is currently under investigation by the New York State Police, the New York State Comptroller’s Office, and the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office.

Volkmann was also the police commissioner for the City of Hudson, appointed in January of 2020.  He submitted his resignation to Hudson Mayor Kamal Johnson the day he was suspended from his Chatham position.

Mid-Hudson News has learned that a search warrant was executed by State Police on Thursday, September 17 at police department headquarters, looking for evidence on police department computers.

Mayor Howe issued a statement regarding the paid administrative leave. “This action is related to the status of an ongoing investigation of certain matters by the New York State Comptroller’s Office, New York State Police, and the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office in connection with which the Village of Chatham was served with a search warrant on September 17, 2020 that encompassed police department computers. Investigators retrieved information but did not seize village or police department equipment or property.”

Congressman Antonio Delgado has previously recognized Volkmann  for his work in battling the opioid crisis and the creation of  “Chatham Cares 4 U.”