Letter to the Editor: Schmitt’s work during COVID warrants support

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Dear Editor:

As a woman, small business owner, and lifelong local resident I am so grateful that Assemblyman Colin Schmitt represents us.

Each and every day you can see his dedication and passion for service to our district on display. Colin helps solve problems of all types. From the big ones that impact us all to the individual need that one person or one family might have.

I personally called on Assemblyman Schmitt for assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As many others, we were unsettled and scared about what the future would hold for us. I am so appreciative of his immediate response and help that he provided for our family and our business.  Not only did he help my family and small business, but others who I referred to him with their issues and concerns as well.

This is on top of the countless legislative and community accomplishments that can be credited to him.

Join me and my family in supporting our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, the most dedicated and hard-working elected official I’ve ever had the honor to vote for.

Julie Recine
New Windsor