Letter to the Editor: Metzger is strong opponent of CPV

“I was fortunate to grow up in the City of Middletown, a city with a rich history in the heart of Orange County. Today Middletown and surrounding areas are suffering due to the disastrous effects of the Competitive Power Ventures plant, better known as CPV. 

Since taking office, Senator Jen Metzger has been a strong voice against CPV and all new fossil fuel infrastructure. In her first few months as our Senator, Jen conducted a health impact survey of those living near the powerplant, showing true compassion for the health and wellbeing of my neighbors and I who live amongst the toxic fumes. 

In Albany, Jen fought to protect our community by co-sponsoring the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, setting the most aggressive climate targets in the nation. Jen also sponsors the “Freedom from Fossil Fuels Act” which would go even further and eliminate all fracked gas power plants– including CPV. 

Senator Jen Metzger kept her promise in fighting to shut down CPV, bypassing legislation through the State Senate that would require a higher level of scrutiny for its permit renewal, where CPV would have to prove it is operating in the public interest– which we all know it cannot. CPV’s latest air quality permit is awaiting a decision by the NYS DEC, and if signed, Jen’s bill would put an end to CPV once and for all. 

I am voting to re-elect Senator Jen Metzger this November and I encourage all of my Orange County neighbors who care about clean air to do the same.

Logan Gonzalez
Middletown, NY

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