Back the Blue rally held in Washingtonville

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credit: @bluelivesphoto

WASHINGTONVILLE – Current and retired police officers, families and their supporters gathered in Washingtonville on Sunday to pledge their support to the men and women in blue.

They came from across the Mid-Hudson and New York City for the Back the Blue rally.

Speakers included Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus.

“What you see in this country right now is very easy to fix – hold these people accountable, both the criminals, which they decriminalized in New York State and other places, and elected officials,” he said.

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler told the group the false narrative must stop.

“In Orange County last year, there were approximately 250,000 calls for service that the police came out. There were only about 35 complaints made against officers countywide, and the vast majority of them were unsustained,” he said.

(video by: @bluelivesphoto)

Relatives of police officers killed in the line of duty were honored for their loved ones’ sacrifice while protecting the public.