Letter to the Editor: Skoufis deserves your vote

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Dear Editor:
State Senator James Skoufis is up for reelection in the 39th district which includes the Town of Montgomery. He is the district’s people senator representing all constituents fighting for labor, working families, seniors, and the marginalized. James does not pander to special interests; he advocates for the interests of the common good. He believes all communities should be treated fairly on a level playing field. The residents protecting the Montgomery group( RPM ) fought to get Medline, the nation’s largest manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, to pay its full share of taxes and succeeded with the senator’s help. Absent fiscal hardship commercial enterprises should pay their taxes fully as is the position of both the senator and RPM. Senator Skoufis talks the talk but also walks the walk.
James and his senate investigative oversight committee work tirelessly to bring transparency to state government holding its agencies and departments accountable to the public.  The senator’s constituent service is exemplary. James has given a new dimension to the word ‘public’ in public servant as our senator in the 39th district. Without question, he deserves our vote in November.
John Lown
Maybrook, NY
The opinions expressed in this letter belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.