Letter to the Editor: Manley supports Anthony LoBiondo

Dear Editor:

The Town of Newburgh has a Town Council seat available, Anthony LoBiondo was appointed to the seat on July 13th.  Since then he has jumped into the job 110%, he has made himself available for morning, afternoon, and evening meetings, while working his private practice.

Anthony is a lifelong town resident, and in the ’90s while I was a Town of Newburgh Police Officer, Anthony was employed by our DA’s office and we worked several cases together. He was always very professional and really cared about the community, I remember then being impressed, and knowing he was a Town of Newburgh product having a stake in our Town, that he would always work to make sure our community was safe.

Since his appointment I have spent a lot of time working with Anthony, he has been with us thru audit, preparing the new budget and the Desmond Estate grant we are working on.

The professionalism he has brought to the Town Board along with his experience with the Town is a great asset for all of our residents. The Town has done a tremendous job protecting the tax-payers money, we have a surplus and thanks to the great work by our employees and board we are financially in better shape than most municipalities, we need to keep this great work up and I am asking you to keep Anthony LoBiondo on out Town Board and vote for Anthony.

A local election has nothing to do with national politics and you should vote for the right person for the job.

Scott Manley

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