Orange DA issues list of active arrest warrants for drug crimes

GOSHEN – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler announced the indictments of 40 people for drug related offenses on Thursday.  While many of the individuals have been taken into custody, law enforcement officials are seeking assistance in learning the whereabouts of the following individuals who have active arrest warrants.

NAME                      AGE            RESIDENCE                        AGENCY

George Powell*       41                   Newburgh                          Drug Task Force

Jamal Frazier*        41                   Newburgh                          Drug Task Force

Oscar Brown          51                   Newburgh                           Drug Task Force

Darryl Stewart*     22                   Newburgh                           Drug Task Force

Gregory Defreece  50                   Newburgh                           Drug Task Force

Tiffany Simmonds 28                   Newburgh                           NYSP

Carlos Agosto-Colon* 45              Middletown                        City of Middletown

Erik Bailey         30                     Newburgh                          City of Middletown

Deanna Olenick 40                     Port Jervis                          City of Middletown

Dominique Thomas  20              Middletown                         City of Middletown

Micah Williams  43                    Middletown                         City of Middletown

Marilyn Estrada  35                  Middletown                          City of Middletown

Daniel Webster  45                  Middletown                         City of Middletown

Michael Warner 54                  Middletown                         City of Middletown

*Indicates a defendant who has a prior felony conviction within the past ten years who is eligible for an enhanced sentence.

Hoovler is asking that anyone with information regarding the location of the above individuals to call the police agency listed next to the subject’s name above.

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