Pleasant Valley anti-BLM protester charged with disorderly conduct

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PLEASANT VALLEY – 49-year-old Robert “Bobby” Sherwood Jr. was in Pleasant Valley in July when a Black Lives Matter rally was met with resistance from people, including Sherwood that were expressing their support for local police departments.  The New York State Police have arrested him on the charge of disorderly conduct.

At one point during the rally, members from both sides were involved in at least one physical clash.  No arrests were made that day, however, the New York State Police immediately began an investigation to determine who the participants were in response to complaints they received.  According to Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office Captain John Waterson, the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office immediately commenced investigating the reports of violence alleged to have taken place.  The Sheriff’s Office was the agency tasked with providing a law enforcement presence on the day of the incidents.

Antifa flyer posted on social media.

Sherwood was arraigned in Pleasant Valley Justice Court on Tuesday night.

The Hudson Valley Antifa Network claims to have identified Sherwood as one of the perpetrators and turned the information over to authorities.  The group issued a flyer on social media identifying Sherwood and saying “He was caught on video bragging about pulling a woman by the hair and throwing her to the ground.”

Mr. Sherwood did not return messages seeking comment.