Middletown company growing, seeks employees displaced by COVID-19

MIDDLETOWN – President Container Group, a manufacturer of corrugated containers and point-of-purchase displays, is hiring for its production and electrical/mechanical maintenance teams at its high-tech manufacturing center in Middletown and is seeking those displaced by COVID-19.

The demand for President Container Group’s products, servicing the food and medical industries, has long been high. Now, 50 new employees are needed to help power operations forward. The company, identified as an essential manufacturer by the federal Department of Homeland Security and the State of New York, operates at full speed, 24 hours a day.

“Join us, and capitalize on your experience, skills, and energy to build a rewarding career,” President Container Group Vice President Larry Grossbard said, noting that workers who lost their jobs due to coronavirus implications are welcome to apply. “President Container has prospered for more than 70 years – and that’s because of our employees and the great workplace they help create. When you join our team, you join our family.”

These 50 jobs, with both day and night opportunities, offer pay and benefits. Jobs range between $17.15 and $22 per hour for production positions and up to $35 per hour for more skilled jobs. A benefits program including health insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan begins after 90 days of employment.

The manufacturing center is similarly advanced, boasting some of the industry’s most high-end technology in the world, according to a company spokesperson. The company is environmentally friendly, prioritizing recycling, and other efficiencies that focus on sustainability and preservation of natural resources while producing products relied upon by well-known brands and corporations across the nation.

To ensure a healthy work environment during the coronavirus pandemic, President Container Group has expanded its already extensive, quality cleaning and sanitization procedures that have long been a hallmark of their plants. Its stringent sanitization processes ensure the highest level of cleanliness throughout its 522,000-square-foot manufacturing center.

“We take deep pride in the dynamic technology we have been able to implement over the years; we are absolutely state of the art for our industry and our constant reinvestment helps to assure our future,” said Vice President of Operations Richard Goldberg. “If you’re motivated, hard-working, have that “need for speed,” enjoy learning new technology and ready to join a team focused on success and growth, President Container Group can be a great fit for your career.”

To learn more about job opportunities and apply, please visit PresidentContainerGroup.com/jobs. Get a look inside the high-tech manufacturing center on Ballard Road in Middletown, N.Y. by watching this video: https://bit.ly/3cc616l

President Container Group is a manufacturer of corrugated shipping containers and point-of-purchase displays in North America. It specializes in items for the food and beverage, cosmetic, garment, and other commercial industries, and produces more than 2.0 billion square feet of corrugated products annually. President Container, which uses sustainable materials, also customizes packaging by printing multicolored graphics directly onto cartons.

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