Letter to the Editor: Schmitt thanked by gym owner

As a local “small box” gym owner I faced many difficulties over the last six months due to COVID 19 gym closures. I am happy to say that we are now reopened under modified protocols to help keep members safe and healthy.

I wanted to give a shout out to our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt for assisting us during a difficult time. We reached out to many government officials and Mr. Schmitt was one of the few that took the time to help us out. Mr. Schmitt took the time to come out to our facility, listen to what we had to say, and write a letter to Governor Cuomo on our behalf. For that, we are very grateful.

The efforts paid off and we were allowed to reopen a couple of weeks ago and we want to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for standing up for us.

Brett Somerville
Granite Barbell
Campbell Hall, NY

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