Port Jervis gets substantial influx of state money

PORT JERVIS – The City of Port Jervis announced they are the recipients of a $400,000 SAM (State and Municipal Facilities) Capital grant through NYS, which will go towards a number of improvement projects and public safety enhancements within the city.

Thursday afternoon, Mayor Kelly Decker said it’s the largest grant the city has received in some years.

“This is really an auspicious occasion because, for the first time since I’ve been in office, almost 7 years, this is the largest state-aid, municipal grant that we have received from New York State,” said Decker. “The SAM grant that we received is really tri-fold, but for us, it is about $300,000,” he said.

The $300,000 portion that is going to the city will be used for Skyline Drive, paving Reservoir Road’s hiking and biking trails, installing new stamped concrete sidewalks, and restoring the Civil War monument dedicated to the 124th F Company off of Sussex Street.

The other $100,000 goes to the police and fire departments. The police department will use half for obtaining a special city-patrol vehicle and the fire department will be acquiring a rescue boat for swift water certified first responders on the Delaware River.

Senator Jen Metzger (D-Rosendale) who secured the funding said it was clear, especially during the pandemic, that Port Jervis was an area needing identifiable assistance.

“The City of Port Jervis is definitely a city in need, it has many needs. It’s really hard to ask for the tax base, the local taxpayers, to pay more during this pandemic and economic contractions,” said Metzger. “This funding is really helpful and it contributes to projects that will improve quality of life in the community,” she said.

Metzger added this funding is different from the Aid to Localities Operational funding the state is currently struggling with and that this money was budgeted for in 2019.

She expects other municipalities in the Hudson Valley will also be receiving SAM funding during this time but did not speculate on how much, or where they would be located.

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