Letter to the Editor: Maloney doesn’t answer constituents

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n an interview with MSNBC, Sean Patrick Maloney, supposedly
representing NY-18 congressional district, said that “religious
liberty” is a “bogus term”! Might I suggest that in his case, a bogus
term is “Representative”?

In the same interview, he said, “If we had more high school kids in
Congress, we’d be a better country.” Really? Are there high school kids
in congress now? Using the word “more” implies that he thinks there
are. Doesn’t he know that the Constitution requires representatives to
be 25 years old?

On two occasions, I have communicated with his office, and on both
occasions, it was quite apparent that my emails were “answered” by an
algorithm, not a human person. In one case, I wrote in opposition to
his stated support for the “Green New Deal” which would have
devastating effects on our standard of living if enacted. In response,
I received an email thanking me for supporting it. In the other case, I
wrote about an EPA project he’s taken credit for which has torn up the
streets in our neighborhood, making them terrible to drive on. I got a
“response” bragging about how he supports infrastructure projects.

When I went to one of his “Town hall” meetings and brought up my
experiences, he ridiculed me for expecting someone to actually read
what his constituents send him. Is this the kind of person we should
have representing us? I don’t think so.

William Kriebel
Hopewell Junction

The opinions expressed in this letter belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of Mid Hudson News.