Pleasant Valley FD gets FEMA money for COVID-19 PPE

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Pleasant Valley Fire Department's new rescue rig. Photo provided.

PLEASANT VALLEY – The Pleasant Valley Fire District (PVFD) has announced the receipt of grant funding in the amount of $25,948.70 from FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant COVID-19.

This grant will provide funding for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfection supplies for PVFD personnel who respond to medical emergencies where potentially infectious individuals may be. The PVFD is responsible for funding $1297.44 of the grant for a total approved budget of $27,246.14.

The PVFD Board of Fire Commissioners were notified of the grant award by FEMA Acting Assistant Administrator Grants Program Christopher Logan. FEMA has provided monetary assistance through grants for the enhancement of emergency services by providing funding for equipment, personal protective gear, emergency vehicles, training, and other resources to firefighters. PVFD has received FEMA AFG Grants in the past. Most recently in 2010, PVFD received an AFG award for $84,340 to purchase 36 sets of Interior Turn-Out Gear.

“The leadership of the PVFD is grateful and appreciative of the support of the elected officials who supported the FEMA AFG program, as well as the application for PPE, cleaning equipment and supplies to be used in the response to COVID-19,” said Commissioner Melissa Lawlor.
Pleasant Valley Fire District Chief Jeff Hickman responded “Our number one priority is to protect the first responders of the Pleasant Valley Fire District and provide them with the personal protective equipment they need to safely serve the community. This grant will ensure that our members have the equipment available to them during these challenging times”. Chief Hickman added the Fire District is “continuing to secure PPE and disinfectant supplies for a second wave of COVID-19” predicted for this fall and winter.
Pleasant Valley Fire District is a combination emergency services organization that provides fire, rescue and emergency medical services to the community using a staff of both career and volunteer personnel. Fire Commissioner Chairman Jim Albrecht had the following to say “It is a very tough job keeping the budget balanced while trying to keep over 100 volunteers and 3 paid staff safe through these unpredictable and historical times. Fortunately we have a well rounded and talented group of people that I feel is handling this pandemic very well. Applying for and receiving this FEMA grant, for $25,948.70 will greatly help us to keep our budget in check.” He went on to add “I would like to thank Commissioner Melissa Lawlor, Fire District Consultant Chris Maeder, Director of Purchasing John Harmuth and Municipal Training Officer Tom Murphy for getting this grant together.”