Magnuss Divorce Mediation Opens Office in Hopewell Junction

COMMUNICATED – No doubt about it. Divorce can be ugly. But MAGNUSS Divorce Mediation has opened in Hopewell Junction, NY as the Alternative to Traditional Adversarial Divorce.

Thinking about divorce? You have a choice to make. You can retain separate lawyers and go off and do legal battle with one another, or you can sit down with an impartial divorce mediator and resolve these issues on your own.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the expense and trauma of traditional divorce, MAGNUSS Divorce Mediation has opened at Heritage Executive Suites, Hopewell Junction. Located off Route 52 at Heritage Square, 15-year Hopewell resident Diane Magnusson has launched her practice to offer a cost-effective, time-efficient, and private way for couples to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement.

Ms. Magnusson’s qualifications include a law degree from Vermont Law School, with a focus in Family Law and Alternate Dispute Resolution; a judicial clerkship with Vermont Family Court Judge, the Hon. Amy Davenport; certification as a divorce mediator; and over 25-years of strategic negotiation and conflict resolution experience. But most important, Diane has a holistic knowledge of the impact of family conflicts, and a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and emotional elements of divorce.

So, what does mediation look like? In divorce mediation, during a series of sessions, both spouses talk directly with each other and work together to reach resolutions they can truly live with. They are both “given the floor,” as the mediator guides them through each issue that needs to be addressed, including custody and visitation, property division, child support, retirement benefits, spousal support, health insurance, etc. The process concludes with the execution of a formal, legally binding, separation agreement.

Working with Magnuss Divorce Mediation also helps parents spare their children the trauma of seeing their parents “fight it out” in court. Ms. Magnusson explains, “when couples work with me to end their marriage through divorce mediation, they protect their children from being torn apart by the adversarial court process. They also create a cooperative environment that sets the stage for co-parenting after the divorce is final.”

If you’re ready to take the next step, visit or call (914)382-3268 today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation—and discover how MAGNUSS Divorce Mediation helps couples facing divorce find the best solutions for their family in a more cooperative, practical and cost-effective manner.

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