Majority leader sheds light on call for investigation of Kingston mayor

Kingston City Hall

KINGSTON – A request to the State Attorney General’s Office by several Democratic majority members of the Kingston Common Council to investigate and offer their opinion on activities of Mayor Steven Noble and his wife, Julie, who is also a city employee, remains “up in the air” with no response from the AG’s office other than to acknowledge its receipt. That comment came from Council Majority Leader Reynolds Scott-Childress. 

The council members who signed onto the request to the attorney general have declined to make their concerns public, but on Tuesday, Scott-Childress shed some light on it.

“There is clearly the context of his attempts to create a new department and then appoint his wife to be the head of it at a $22,000 increase in salary. That creates a context where it can color other elements of his administration,” he said.

Council President Andrea Shaut, who also signed the letter to the attorney general, failed to respond to numerous requests to talk to Mid Hudson News.

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