State Comptroller’s Office examines dual employment by Port Chester village workers

ALBANY – An audit by the State Comptroller’s Office examined whether certain full-time Village of Port Chester employees who simultaneously worked another full-time municipal job worked the hours the village compensated them for working.

Key findings included that village officials did not establish adequate time and attendance controls; therefore, auditors could not confirm that three employees identified worked all the hours for which they were paid.

The audit also found that village officials did not ensure that employees’ days and hours worked were adequately documented, certified by the employees or verified by a supervisor.

And the report said leave usage paid, totaling $3,979, was not deducted from leave accruals, and 536 hours of leave were taken without the use of time off request forms, as required.

The audit recommended the village establish adequate time and attendance controls and ensure employees and department heads certify that the time records report actual time workers. And it said the village should ensure that leave usage is properly approved, reported, recorded or deducted from accruals.

Village officials disagreed with some of the audit’s findings but indicated they have taken or plan to take corrective action.

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