Town of Hunter to begin towing cars

HUNTER – The Hunter Town Board has been inundated with complaints from residents regarding parking issues in the vicinity of Kaaterskill Clove and the board is taking immediate action.

The board held a meeting recently at which many community members spoke “to the many negative impacts that are occurring” and asked the board for help. A statement from the board regarding the meeting said they “heard from several of our local first responders who are concerned that the traffic jams and parking will inhibit quick responses to emergency calls throughout the Clove which occur regularly.”

The board, in consultation with other partners, has developed new regulations to address the issue.

• Beginning on the weekend of August 8, The Town of Hunter will be operating a vehicle impound lot located at 5748 Route 23A in Tannersville, at Town Hall.
• The impound lot will be in operation every weekend until the illegal parking is dramatically curtailed.
• Any illegally parked vehicle will be ticketed and then towed to the town hall impound lot which will be manned by a town police officer until 9 p.m.
• A vehicle owner will only be able to retrieve their vehicle once they have paid the towing fee, and the impound fee in full, via credit card or cash.
• Any vehicle not picked up by 9 p.m. will then be towed to the impound lot of the responding tow operator and will incur additional fees.
• The town has authorized the purchase of equipment to enable the town police officers to associate parking violations to a vehicle registration via the DMV. Police officers will soon be able to generate and print parking violations that must be answered in town court for the owner to renew their vehicle registration. This will replace the hand-written system currently in use.

“Our intention on releasing this information at this time is so that it can be widely shared and disseminated, and so that all visitors to the Kaaterskill Clove will clearly understand the repercussions if they choose to ignore our warnings to abide by local ordinances,” said the town statement.


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