Letter to the Editor: COVID and racism need to end


Just one more reminder of how inadequate our system is: “Much of the Protective Gear FEMA Sent Nursing Homes is Just Useless.” This NY Times article would be high comedy if it appeared in a publication like The Onion. But the lunacy of our broken society eliminates any possibility of satire.

With just four percent of the population, the world’s richest country now accounts for 23% of the world’s COVID deaths. Non-existent planning, cronyism, attacks on public health scientists, and pure ignorance at the top has made us number one in the killing of our own citizens.

Neoliberalism isn’t just a Trump problem. The concept of a minimalist government has been with us since the Reagan Era. The idea of there even being a “public good” seems incomprehensible to our governmental leaders, awash in corporate money, and toasted by their armies of corporate lobbyists.

We can’t have things that every other developed country has implemented long ago, like a public health system, and free college education, daycare facilities, and nursing homes. The big lobby groups like the weapons makers, pharmaceuticals, oil companies, and insurance firms are so good at sucking up our money that there is simply nothing left. And the people who own these behemoth businesses are riding a wave of wealth that is simply beyond our comprehension.

There is another wave, and this one is in the streets. We demand an end to racism, exploitation, and the rule of the very rich with their blue-coated minions.

Fred Nagel
Rhinebeck, NY

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