Hudson PD sets up syringe disposal kiosk

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Director Mabb and Lieutenant Miller. (Photo provided)

HUDSON – The City of Hudson Police Department has installed a large sharps and syringe disposal cabinet in the lobby of the station located at 701 Union Street. The public will be allowed 24-hour access to the container in order to safely dispose of “Sharps” items like hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets, and wires – to include dental wires.

“This simple device, along with our prescription disposal box will help to make our environment safer. We absolutely do not want needles ending up in our trash or on our sidewalks. Prescription medicine dumped down the drain contaminates our water supply. Citizens are often unsure where they can safely dispose of these items, and sometimes become frustrated trying to locate where to do so. This now becomes a more convenient process,” said Mayor Kamal Johnson.

The cabinet was acquired with state funding and a memorandum of understanding was established between the Hudson City Police Department and the Columbia County Health Department. The health department will oversee the safe collection and disposal of all items that are collected.

“I credit Columbia County Health Department Public Health Educator Victoria McGahan with making this happen. She and Director Jack Mabb are extremely busy these days with the COVID pandemic. Somehow they found the time to provide this very important service that will no doubt increase public safety, said Police Chief Ed Moore.