Advisory commission updated on Stewart Air Guard water contamination

Washington Lake

STEWART AIRPORT – It has been over three years since the carcinogenic chemical PFAS was discovered in the City of Newburgh’s drinking supply, Washington Lake. The system was shut down them and the Stewart Airport Air National Guard Base was pinpointed as the source of that contamination.

A restoration advisory committee, Wednesday night, held its third meeting to update members and the community about the studies being conducted to remediate the problem that has migrated to streams and tributaries of the Hudson River.

Committee Co-Chairman Chuck Thomas is concerned about that spread. “We have effects on Brown’s Pond, we have effects on the Beaver Dam Lake tributaries, we have Silver Stream effects, we have wells in the Town of New Windsor and the Town of Newburgh that have been affected by PFOS’s and I am really torn with how we are going to move to a bigger picture when it has taken us basically three years now to assess that we have a problem with Rec Pond,” he told the committee via a Zoom session.

Newburgh City Councilman Anthony Grice said the entire watershed in the area must be protected.

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