National Defense Package includes Maloney amendments

(West Point photo)

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives’ bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions drafted by Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18).

Among the amendments the Hudson Valley lawmaker secured inclusion are:

  • To establish goals for increasing women and minorities in the military services, including West Point and the other service academies.
  • To establish mentoring and career development programs at the US service academies.
  • To require a review of diverse curriculum and instruction at the service academies.
  • To ensure the availability of certain medical services at West Point and the service academies, including emergency room services, orthopedic services, general surgery, and gynecological services.
  • To bolster maritime career training through the Elijah Cummings Maritime Workforce Development Act that will create two new federal loan guarantee programs – the Maritime Career Training Loan Program and the Elijah Cummings Maritime Recruitment, Training and Retention Grant Program – to encourage maritime education.

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