Middletown to explore police officer business cards

MIDDLETOWN – All Middletown Police officers wear nametags but the city does not have a policy for handing out business cards during interactions.

The cities of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh have formally adopted right-to-know legislation that requires officers to present business cards at the conclusion of an exchange with a member of the public. The City of Beacon has just implemented a policy for business cards.

In Middletown, Mayor Joseph DeStefano said the issue will be discussed, but he does not have an issue with disseminating those cards.

“I don’t see problem with handing out a business card. I don’t know anyone who would be opposed to it. It is one of the items that will be discussed at the next panel meeting which will be held in August,” he said. “They ae all identified now but if it makes it easier for the person who is interacting with the police either in a negative way or a positive way to remember who they were speaking with, then we will probably move in that direction.”

All municipalities across the state that have police departments must develop plans to “re-invent” those agencies and present them to the state by next April.

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