Top Tips To Prevent Burglary Given By Seasoned Police Officers

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COMMUNICATED CONTENT – Burglaries are preventable in most cases. This is because its a crime of opportunity: a series of unfortunate events and mistakes coalesce together to lead to the unwarranted entry of a stranger in your place. Though the quality of home and property protection systems has improved owing to technology and research, there are some devastating mistakes that every house owner makes that can amplify the risk of intrusion.


Burglaries can be catastrophic for the mental wellbeing of a person. Not only do they violate the sanctity of safe spaces but they also deprive the individual of their precious belongings. Law enforcement professionals recommend that you report any suspicious activity so that local police stations can make targeted interventions at the right time to root out any risk of burglaries. If you are looking to prevent burglaries from happening altogether, be mindful of these tips.

Tips To Secure The Home

The most important thing is to make your house look occupied. Vacant homes are a welcome sign for burglars. If you are leaving town for a couple of days or more, it is essential to secure all your entry points through robust locks. You should also get in touch with the local post office or a neighbour so that they pick up your mail routinely, without letting it pile up on your driveway. Piled up mail is a sign that a house is vacant.


Also, keep your garage door locked and secured at all times as garages are profoundly easier to break in from rather than traditional entry points such as doors and windows. For advanced securing techniques, you can also get insights from seasoned security professionals such as those at


When going for an extended period of time, also come to an arrangement for your lawn to be mowed and the driveway to be cleaned in the circumstance of a storm or rain.

Hide Tempting Belongings Away From Plain Sight

Within a household, there are multiple goods that offer a lucrative opportunity to burglars. If these are not stored away from plain sight, chances are that burglars are lured into your home. Pricey outdoor items like barbecue grills, lawnmowers and leaf shredders should always be securely put away in garages while making sure that the garden shed and garages stay locked.


If you store stuff in the basement and have windows that give a sight of the belongings you have then this can also be risky. Make sure that all openings that give visuals of your belongings are hidden using curtains.

Using The Outdoor Aesthetic For Protection

The visual appeal of your outdoors plays a pivotal part in the protection of your home. Having adequate outdoor lighting goes a long way when it comes to deterring a burglar. A well lit outdoor does not allow an intruder to hide in plain sight, because the chances of getting caught are immense. Also, routinely trim large trees and shrubs so they do not offer hiding places for intruders on the run.