Paint spill at firehouse possibly contaminates Wappinger Creek

LaGrange Station 3

LAGRANGE – The LaGrange Fire Company station 3 on Red Oaks Mill Road has been accused of polluting the Wappinger Creek by neighbors of the firehouse.

The three bay doors of the firehouse were recently repainted by a volunteer member of the department last week.  During the course of the work, a substantial amount of paint was accidentally spilled and ran down the apron towards a storm drain near the road.

Mid Hudson News was contacted by neighbors of the firehouse to point out the possible environmental hazard.  Fire District Commissioner Richard Sassi said that the district was made aware of the issue on Thursday morning.

“The volunteers cleaned up the spill as best they could.  Chief Ward investigated the incident and although the district does not suspect any environmental impact since little to no paint appears to have made it over the lip of the drain, NYS DEC has been notified to investigate the incident.”

Paint near the drain at Station 3.

Commissioner Sassi also noted that there are plans to resurface the asphalt at the firehouse followed by the re-striping of the necessary markings.

According to an environmental consultant, the storm drain carries runoff and discharges it into the Wappinger Creek.  Municipal stormwater systems, known as MS4, are permitted and regulated by the NYS DEC and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  The DEC will determine if the paint actually made its way into the creek and will determine the appropriate measures necessary to rectify the drainage.

At midday Thursday, DEC contacted Chief Ward and advised that no mitigation was needed. Commissioner Sassi indicated that the DEC ruling will allow the paving project to move forward.