Five youths arrested for vandalizing house under construction



HILLCREST – On Tuesday July 7 the Ramapo Police officers responded to a house under construction in the Hillcrest area where they were called there by a worker who found five youths inside; they had broken in and caused extensive damage to the interior.

The worker was quick thinking and photographed the youths as they left the house. One of the officers recognized one of the youths as someone having been recently arrested. Another officer was able to provide a local address where that youth had previously been staying.

The officers responded to that address and observed the youths in the back yard. They were able to tactically approach the youths, gain the element of surprise and take the five into custody without incident.

Because of their ages, they will be adjudicated through the Family Court. One of the youths had seven pending felony charges against him prior to his arraignment that night, but due to the recent New York Criminal Justice reform, the judge had to set minimal bail, and all five were released from custody with a future return court date.

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